Yes I do. Because where the stars at night are big and bright is home to the Winter Rose Contest, and the writer of this blog found out today that she won the Contemporary Single Title category!

Happy dance! Back handspring! Happy dance! Squee! Woot! (Insert celebratory expression of choice here.)

Margo Lipschultz, an editor at Harlequin, was the final judge, and wrote some very nice comments. You can be sure I’ll post them on this site in the near future. I extend a huge thanks to her and all the preliminary judges at the Yellow Rose Romance Writers, the RWA chapter that sponsored the contest. A special thanks to Michelle Miles, the contest coordinator.

Thanks to my early readers who helped me craft the story, especially Belinda, Tom, James, Elizabeth and Hal. And of course, thanks to you for your support!

And now, please join me in singing a few bars of “Deep in the Heart of Texas.” Thank you.