About Me

I write lighthearted, sexy romances that often include horses and a Portuguese water dog or two. My debut novel, Thrown, is published by Simon & Schuster’s Pocket Star line (buy yours today!) and is the first novel in the Aspen Valley Series. The third and latest book in the series, Branded, was unleashed upon the world in December.

My agent is the lovely and talented Emily Sylvan Kim of Prospect Agency.

I live in Colorado and—not surprisingly—have a Thoroughbred mare and two Portuguese water dogs. All are smart, sweet and gorgeous. I’m originally from Pittsburgh and am still fiercely loyal to all of its pro sports teams. I studied theatre and advertising at Northwestern University (go Cats!) and have been a copywriter for more than twenty years. If you ever meet me, beware—anything you do or say could end up in a book and I make no apologies.

Personal Interests: Horses are right up there, as well as dogs, food (cooking and eating), wine, chocolate, Mad Men, hiking, gazing at the Rocky Mountains, reading, and making my husband laugh hard enough to cause whatever he’s drinking to exit through his nose.

If you want to talk books, writing, horses, food, wine or just about anything else, email me at coletteauclair@yahoo.com.