It’s Jumped‘s release day! 

It was a labor of love and panic, exhilaration and fear. The second novel does that to someone, I’ve learned from talking with other novelists. It’s the first book I wrote with a deadline, and with an editor waiting. There was a rather major setback when I broke the hero’s jaw and had to do a major revision. After that, it was relatively smooth sailing.

Today I’m doing my first television interview on Denver’s NBC affiliate, Channel 9, on “Colorado & Company.” If you saw it, thanks for tuning in! I’ll put it on here as soon as I can.

I hope you’ll read and enjoy Jumped. It returns to Aspen Creek and the characters from Thrown, and also introduces a new character, Finn McNabb, who is a bit more serious than Grady Brunswick—but just as handsome, since it’s a romance novel.