He texted! He texted!

19 Jan

If you read the last post, then you know I compared waiting for Gail (literary agent extraordinaire who has my manuscript) to contact me to meeting a great guy (when you’re single) and having him promise to call you, but you don’t know if or when he will.

So guess what? He texted!

Or at least that’s what It feels like. This morning I checked my email and to my vast delight, found an email from Gail. Yep. She said she’s been busy with the holidays, etc., but that she’s started reading “Thrown” and likes it so far! She added that she wrote so I wouldn’t worry, which was awfully nice of her.

It’s like the cute guy texted and said he’s been thinking of me. Sigh. Swoon! I’m not picking out china patterns yet, but I sure am happy.

By the way, Gail’s at talbotfortuneagency.com, and represents several fine romance authors, including Jodi Thomas.

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