Whiling away the hours.

6 Sep

This is what I’m doing with my free weekend. This is me and my dog Galley (the black Portuguese water dog on the left with the standing-up ears) and his BFF, Ben (the chocolate lab). We were hiking at Golden Gate Canyon State Park yesterday, which we haven’t done in quite a while due to the fact that I was busy revising my manuscript this summer, especially on weekends. (Please do not report me to park rangers, as the dogs should have been leashed. Galley already has a record in Jefferson County.) I’m about to throw an orange “bumper” into a pond for Ben to fetch. Galley will steal this right out of his mouth as Ben approaches shore. Ben is arthritic, so clearly, Galley has questionable morals. Oh, and I’m not wearing a mike, that’s my hair.

“Thrown” is now with its readers: Hal and Elizabeth in California and James (a writer/editor/friend from work) here in Denver. This is the first weekend in about a year that I haven’t done any writing, and the first since the beginning of July that I haven’t worked on “Thrown.” I have to admit though, I have glanced at Tom’s notes—I couldn’t resist. I am successfully resisting the urge to call each reader every hour on the hour to see how far they’ve gotten and how they like it. The waiting is driving me mad, which is why I have to distract myself by doing things like hiking for four hours on trails labeled “difficult.”

Here’s another picture of Galley and me. Tom took the photo. It was another glorious day in Colorado with all that sparkly water.

And here’s most of me and the top of Galley. I did my “Lost” hair, where I cleverly pull my hair to one side, which I learned to do from watching the actresses on “Lost,” and also on “The Tudors.” It really works. Do I look like I’m stressed, waiting for comments from my readers? Do I look like I’m THIS FAR from grabbing my cell to try to get a signal and call one of them? See what a good actress I am? See how my “Lost” hair disguises my real feelings?

My thanks to Tom and my good friend Mary Jo, who were the other humans on the hike, and thanks to Ben and Galley. And thank you for reading my blog!

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