I can be pre-ordered. Go figure!

11 Oct


Yes, Thrown is now available through many of your favorite online book retailers. I was rather shocked to learn this through a relative on Facebook. Who knew? Amazon might be taking over the world, but they’re pre-selling my book so I can’t complain.

Can I tell you, it was an incredible feeling to go to amazon.com, type in my own name and HAVE A PAGE POP UP!  With my name right there. And the book cover I love and have as my wallpaper on every single screened device I own (except the TV and the front door). All on purpose and everything. Just like Susan Elizabeth Phillips or Kristan Higgins or John Irving or any number of other authors I read and admire.

I suppose what’s so surreal about it is, this is another step removed from me, and it’s the first time my book has gone into the wild. I wrote the book, Editor Abby bought it, and then she and I revised it. I know her, she knows me. We have spoken in person and on the phone. She bought me a glass of bubbly when we talked at the Romance Writers of America national conference. We showed each other pictures of horses on our respective phones. But now my little firstborn has gone from the familiar arms of its mother and its editor at the Pocket Star nursery into the big wide world of commerce. I imagine it, little Thrown all wide-eyed, being tossed about from worker to worker in the giant factory of online retail. Strangers are touching my book (not inappropriately, I hope!). This is what happens to real writers.

I am a real writer. It still hasn’t QUITE sunken in.

Thanks again for your support. (And go buy my book!)


  1. Terri Osburn Says:

    Let me know when it does set in. I’m still waiting.

    Yay!!! Now that gorgeous cover will be splashed everywhere, and we’ll all get to say we knew her when. Or just become your official stalkers. That works too.


  2. robena grant Says:

    Gorgeous cover! Looking forward to reading the story. Congrats! again.

  3. admin Says:

    Terri and Robena,
    Thanks for visiting! I would be pleased and proud to have you as official stalkers. Although–can you stalk friends? If you parked on my street in an unmarked van, I’d invite you in for tea, so I’m not sure the whole stalking thing would work.

    I agree about my cover! It’s sort of like having a beautiful dog–I had absolutely nothing to do with it, but I love it anyhow.

    Thanks again for your kind words. Firebirds rock.

  4. Pamela Kopfler Says:

    You’re a pro, Colette. I love your advice, especially the exercise.

  5. Heather Ashby Says:

    Brilliant, Colette! Because i have two weeks until deadline and ooh-gobs to do. So will take all your advice. Thanks. Write on!

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