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26 Feb

So this is all about me (yeah, like all my other blog posts AREN’T), but this is also an announcement. A big announcement.

I got a book contract.

This happened a while ago (the very end of November), but I was waiting until I got the contract in my hot little hands from the publisher before I announced. However, I’ve learned (again!) that publishing runs at a pace that makes tectonic plate shifts seem supersonic. Here’s the deal: My Golden Heart finaling book, Thrown, will be published as an e-book by Simon & Schuster’s Pocket Star line in December, 2013.


Yes I am ecstatic. Yes I pinch myself to make sure it’s not all a dream. Yes I float through my days.

But wait, there’s more. Not only is the deal for Thrown, but for two more books set in the same world as Thrown. So it’s a three-book deal. A THREE-BOOK DEAL WITH A MAJOR BIG-SIX PUBLISHER. Am I over the moon? Yes. Yes I am.

This started at the Romance Writers of America’s national conference in Anaheim in July. I met my now-editor there, but NOT because she was in any way interested in my book, but because I went to two workshops where she was on the panel, and she was hilarious. I spoke to her, and then found out when I was back in Denver, that I was following her on Twitter. I looked at her profile, and lo and behold, she was a HORSEWOMAN! Obviously I had to tweet her immediately and tell her my book was about horses. She said she’d love to see it, and I sent it to her when I was done revising, in October. And the rest, as they say, is history. So basically, I sold my book on Twitter. And yes Abby and I talked about horses for twenty minutes during our first phone call.

I also got an agent. The delightful Emily Sylvan Kim of Prospect Literary. I was quite spoiled, as I got to choose from several agents after I told those who I’d queried that I had a book contract. (From a Big Six publisher. Did I mention that?) I still managed to make it incredibly stressful. But I have to say, it’s really really fun to talk about “my agent” and “my editor.” Like, really fun.

So that’s my news. Thank you for your support and good wishes through my novel-writing odyssey. It has paid off in spades and my dream is coming true.


  1. Allie Pleiter Says:

    HOLY COW WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME EARLIER??? THAT’S FLAT-OUT WONDERFUL. Congratulations, really.I never doubted it would happen!

  2. admin Says:

    THANKS! It’s been such a drawn-out process, I really thought I’d told you earlier–sorry about that. But many boatloads of thanks to you for all your help, advice, good wishes and flat-out wonderfulness!

  3. Pinky Cabrera Says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah!!!!

    Can you come to my book club and do an “author visit?” Of course, all of us will have bought and read your book.

  4. admin Says:

    If you have wine, I’ll be there. And there will be a quiz to see if you and the members of your book club actually read my book. And it sure would be nice if the meeting was in spring or fall. But other than that, I have no demands whatsoever!

  5. kathleen bittner roth Says:

    Oh, this is super news! Will you be in Atlanta? We have to get together and celebrate!

  6. admin Says:

    I WILL be in Atlanta–wearing my FIRST SALE ribbon. (Along with bunches of you.) And I’m always up for celebrating!

  7. Heather Ashby Says:

    Colette, I feel “thrown” for a loop to read this good news! I am so excited for you and can’t wait to read your book!

    Write On! or is that Ride On?

  8. admin Says:

    I can’t wait to read YOUR book(s), missy. Not to market my book 10 months early or anything, but it will be released just in time for Christmas…(hint, hint).

  9. Robena Grant Says:

    Congratulations, Colette. This is awesome news! Can’t wait to read the books.

  10. admin Says:

    Thanks so much, Robena! I can’t wait to finish WRITING the books!

  11. Tammy Bauamnn Says:

    Congrats!! A BIG SIX PUBLISHER! Very proud, happy, jealous, excited for you! ;0) Let me be the first to buy you a drink in Atlanta. (I promise no body shots will be involved, that would require a body double in my case ;0)

  12. admin Says:

    Thanks, Tammy. And you’re on

  13. Viola Estrella Says:

    Congrats, Colette! I’m looking forward to becoming a fan. 🙂

  14. admin Says:

    Thanks, Viola–I’m looking forward to becoming a published author! You can show me the ropes.

  15. Laurie Sanchez Says:

    SO happy for you, Colette! You’ve put so much work (and patience, and more work) into your book — you so deserve for it to pay off in a big way like this! Can’t wait to read it, along with the next two. 🙂 Write on, missy. …

  16. admin Says:

    Thanks, Laurie. Can’t wait to see YOUR Single Title Contemporary co-finaling story on shelves.

  17. Pintip Says:

    Super exciting, Colette! I’m thrilled for you!

  18. admin Says:

    Thanks! This journey wouldn’t have been nearly as fun without you Firebirds!

  19. Magdalen Says:

    Yay, Colette! I’m friends with the woman at Simon & Schuster who’ll be writing your back cover copy. I’ll tell her to look out for your book!

  20. admin Says:

    Cool Magdalen! Introduce us so I can send her treats (or visit when next I’m in New York). I used to write cover copy for Random House, so I feel her pain.

  21. Terri Osburn Says:

    Super Huge CONGRATS!!! I’m so excited for you. If anyone could sell their book on Twitter (exuding charm all the way) it is you, woman. Can’t wait to give you a congrats hug and do a little happy dancing in Atlanta.

    Notice, I am not making that “drinks on me” comment ever again!


  22. admin Says:

    Terri, thank you! I look forward to the hug and happy dance. (And body shots. But I digress.)

  23. Mike Says:

    As Ben Johnson said when he accepted his Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in “The Las Picture Show”, “This couldn’t’ve happened to a nicer feller”>

  24. admin Says:

    Thanks, Mike. Leave it to you to come up with a timely, rarely seen (and therefore better) quote. Plus it warms the cockles of this writer’s heart.

  25. A. J. Larrieu Says:

    HOORAY Colette! I am so excited for you. I’m also selfishly excited, because I’ve been itching to read this book ever since you described it. Your three-book deal is very well-deserved. Yay!!

  26. admin Says:

    A.J., my GH table buddy, you are so cute! Thank you, and I hope Thrown lives up to the hype.

  27. Jean Willett Says:

    Congrats, Collette!! Can’t wait to see you happy dancing in Atlanta!!

  28. admin Says:

    Thanks, Jean! I have a feeling there will be much happy dancing in Atlanta. Already I can’t wait to see everyone.

  29. Ami Weaver Says:

    Wow,Colette!! Major congrats on your 3-book deal! Can’t wait to read it. I love horse books. 🙂 Enjoy the ride!

  30. Priscilla Kissinger Says:

    Congratulations! Your story is the poster child for perseverance and pluck! I’m sure your wit, charm and fabulous writing skills won them all over! 🙂

  31. April Bennet Says:

    What a great story!!! Way to get that 3-book deal. So happy for you and can’t wait to read Thrown!

  32. Nikki McIntosh Says:

    SO EXCITED for you Colette!!!! I can’t wait to read Thrown … and a three-book deal is such an amazing feat … great job!!!

  33. Jessica Aspen Says:

    WOOT! We at CRW are so proud of you! It just goes to show that you can do it on your own, even if you decided to go with an agent you did it yourself. 🙂 Can’t wait to follow how all this goes and see what your final book looks like!

  34. admin Says:

    Thanks, Jess! And thanks to you and CRW for all your encouragement and support. I can’t wait to see what my final book looks like either!

  35. Karen Says:


    I am so thrilled for you. And it is no surprise with your personality that you sold your book via Twitter. 🙂

    Wishing you tons of sales and many more book contracts.
    Soar high my Firebird sister

  36. admin Says:

    Karen, thank you so much! Wishing you many sales and contracts too. We Firebirds are going to make some history!

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