OBB and me.

5 Nov

My husband is an actor. Yes, I am secretly married to George Clooney.

Okay not really. (Damn! I’d love to have a pet pig. That’s truly the only reason I’d EVER think it would be in any way pleasant to be Mrs. George Clooney. Honey*.)

My husband is actually handsomer and talenteder than Mr. Clooney. (I realize I just lost a few readers because “talenteder” isn’t a word.) Here’s what I’ve learned, being the spouse of an active thespian: You have to participate in what a seasoned theater person told me is “Obligation Theatre.”

What is Obligation Theatre, or OT? As much as possible, if an actor you know is in a nearby production, you must attend said production. For me, it’s OT by association (OTBA). Depending on the show, it can be rewarding or painful, and is usually somewhere in the middle. But your actor-friend is always happy to see you after the show and thanks you for coming, so that’s nice.

The other benefit? It guilts actor-friends into attending my husband’s shows. (If you’re interested and live in or near Denver, he’s starring in the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center production of “A Christmas Story” this holiday season—fun for the whole family!) So he’s got that going for him. Which is nice.

How does this relate to writing? My “pre-published” novel, Thrown, was a 2012 finalist for the Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart award. A bunch of Firebirds (the official nickname of the class of 2012) have secured publishing contracts and their Golden Heart books are now coming out as real live novels.


An author’s version of OT is what I’ve christened OBB, or Obligation Book Buying. I feel obligated to buy the books written by my fellow Firebirds, read them, then review them in as many places as possible. So far I have two: Susan Boyer’s Lowcountry Boil and Tracy Brogan’s Crazy Little Thing. I love buying these books! For one thing, it makes me happy to support my “classmates.” For another, it’s just plain cool to see a book for sale on Amazon by someone I know personally. For a third—and this reason is no slouch—it gives me hope that I too, will be published soon. They did it, why can’t I? It gives me full-blown, unmitigated, hooked-on-steroids optimism.

I hope I’ll have to do a ton of OBB in the years to come. And, of course, I hope my author friends will follow suit after I get The Call.

As always, thank you for your support!

* In case my husband reads this.


  1. Tracy Brogan Says:

    Colette, I will honor and abide the OBB code!! Thanks for the mention and it is absolutely true, you’re time will come!! I love buying books from wonderful author friends!! You’re on the list.

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks, Tracy! I look forward to guilting you into buying my book—er, I mean, I can’t wait ’til I can announce publication! In the meantime, keep writing so I can buy more of yours.

  3. Susan M. Boyer Says:

    Colette, you are hilarious! I, too, will honor and abide by the OBB code–it’s just fun. I love buying books by other Firebirds. They have their own shelf ready in the bookcase. The photo from Nationals of us with SEP is also on that shelf. 🙂

    Thank you so much for buying, reading, and reviewing! I can’t wait for your turn. 🙂 No guilting necessary.

  4. admin Says:

    Thanks, Susan! I love hearing about how Lowcountry Boil is sweeping the nation—all those emails from Amazon et al. When I get published, my goal is to engage SEP in OBB. OMG! LOL.

  5. Tamra Baumann Says:

    I too subscribe to OBB and have the books to prove it!

    Great post Colette, and I totally agree with the George Clooney thing…it’d only be about the pig with him…and MAYBE the smile, but that’s it!

  6. admin Says:

    Tammy, I haven’t seen George’s pig smile. I’ll have to Google it if you think it’s that entrancing (!). Thanks for stopping, and keep the OBB going.

  7. Terri Osburn Says:

    I’m a day late but I love OBB! This is one of the major reasons I recently purchased a Kindle. There is no room in my house for more books. Heck, there’s no room for the ones I already have. But with my Kindle and I can download all my friends books with no space issues. (Except maybe memory but I think I’ll be good.)

    Can’t wait to add you to the Kindle, Colette!

  8. admin Says:

    Terri, you’re not a day late at all. I do love the downloading, and as I watch the percentage grow as it loads, I think, “Not only will I have a great book to read, but I’m adding to a fellow Firebird’s sales figures.” (Can I say “fellow” if it’s all women? Always wondered about that.) Thanks for stopping by, and rest assured, I’ll be adding yours to my cyber-bookshelf!

  9. Pamela Kopfler Says:

    Love the post. I’ve done lots of OT and have both these books on my TBRP. Yea, Firebirds!

  10. admin Says:

    Pam, so you know what it’s like to walk in my peep-toe pumps. I never knew Denver had so many theaters! And I second your cry: Yea, Firebirds!

  11. Joanne Cook Says:

    Loved Lowcountry boil…. I too buy books just to READ them. Cant WAIT for Dec 2013 now.. Im just THROWN over the moon.

  12. admin Says:

    HA! Thank you, Joanne! (You should read it to Smoochie!)

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