‘Cause you got to have friends.

17 Jun

Hello! Thanks for stopping by.

I’ve been out of the blog game for a while, not because my blog and I had a falling out, or it badmouthed me or hid under the porch or joined a cult. We  went off to do our own things. I was in Denver, moving to a new house, writing, working, grocery shopping, making margaritas, gardening and pretty much having my usual messy-is-perfect life. My blog went on a whirlwind tour to London, Paris, Perth, Madrid, Singapore, Bali, Paducah… Then it took up woodworking and enjoyed a brief stand-up comedy career. But it missed me. And I missed it. We went out to dinner and had a great time, and now we’re together again for the first time.

Why now? Yesterday I went to the Douglas County Library’s Love in the Afternoon Tea in Parker. I  haven’t been to a “group” event in a while. I’ve learned boatloads about writing since penning my first book, but there’s so much more! Sharing my afternoon with readers, writers and the panel members — Carla Laureano, Sarah Hegger, Lisa Brown Roberts, Sara Richardson, Lisa Bergren and moderator Jen Turano — was inspiring. Plus, it was a terrific warm-up for next month’s Romance Writers of America (RWA) conference, right here in Denver. I can’t wait to be among my people, where the ice-breaker question around the bar is, “What do you write?”

Writing is a solitary pursuit. I am equal parts introvert and extrovert, so while I love being by myself (good for writing), I also love being in a group (bad for writing, unless you’re talking about writing, but it doesn’t actually get any writing DONE). Hanging out with other writer friends is delicious and necessary to balance out the hours in front of the MacBook Air.  I can’t wait to zip downtown next month and join the gaggle of authors at the RWA conference. My tribe awaits.

Also, my friend Megan, who works at the library and told me about his tea, threatened (okay, offered) to blog for me, and she reminded me how much I actually enjoy blogging. So. Here I am. With my blog. You can’t tell, but we’re grinning at each other right now. 🙂

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