“Thrown” writing update

30 Aug

Is it proper to put the title of my novel (“my novel”—how I love writing that!) in quotes if it’s not yet published? I would prefer to put it in less-bulky, more-graceful italics, but this particular blog program won’t allow it, no way no how. Whatevs, as the kids say. Call me a cockeyed optimist, but maybe if I treat the title as though it’s already in print, it will happen.

At any rate, I am almost finished with the second revision! Yesterday I reached a major milestone, because I finally fixed the ending, and it FELT like I had finished. Remember how I had to lop off 33,000 words at the end during the first major rewrite? Well that left my characters in mid-air, and I’m happy to say that my muse powered me through a new ending yesterday and heroine Amanda and hero Grady are once again on solid ground. Now I have to tweak the epilogue, go over my notes from my VVFR (Very Very First Reader) Belinda, and glance through the whole thing once more.

Then I figure out how to do the header, something I’ve been putting off, but it needs to be there if anyone in the publishing world is to take me seriously.

THEN I’ll e-whoosh it off to my friendly neighborhood FedEx/Kinkos (never sure what to call them since they merged; is it just FedEx now?), get it printed and hand it over to my darling, handsome, copy-editing husband who is already licking his chops at the prospect of circling all my errors with his pen with ink the color of blood.

Onward I go! And thank you for your continued support!!

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