When an agent calls…

14 Aug

Yesterday I talked to a real live agent.

Gail Fortune (great name) and I went to college together, went our separate ways but still ended up in publishing. We were literally blocks apart in NYC but may as well have been on different planets. Fast-forward two decades and another college friend, Allie Pleiter (alliepleiter.com) tells me how Gail encouraged her to write, and now Allie is the talented author of more than a dozen novels. Last month Darcy told Gail about me.

The circle has landed. Er… or come to a close. Yesterday Gail called me! And not that I wasn’t focused—writing my book is so fun, I barely manage to go to bed—but now I’m more determined than ever to give Gail the best book I can write. The carrot in front of me just got dipped in chocolate, and those of you who know me and my love of chocolate know I’m now in hyperdrive.

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