Watch your step–still unpacking boxes!

25 Apr

Welcome to my newly designed blog/website! I’ll write a proper post soon–I haven’t had new posts lately due to my new design. But I wanted to check out the new digs before too much time passed.
And a big THANK YOU to Jean Ditslear of Redwall Communications (, who customized this so beautifully for me. Ain’t it the coolest? (Like Jean herself.)
Check back soon, and I’ll post the announcement of a new post on Facebook and email.
As always, thanks for visiting.


  1. Ashley March Says:

    Love the new design, Colette! So pretty and fun!

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks, Ashley! I can’t take any credit except for having the good sense to approve it.

  3. Diana McOwen Says:

    Lovely!!! Good for you….very pleasing to the web-weary eye. Congrats.

  4. Jean Ditslear Says:

    Of course you should take credit Colette, you are the inspiration!

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