Meet the pen behind The Princess Diaries

4 Aug

This is me and Meg Cabot, the author of The Princess Diaries. I went to her author “chat” at the RWA conference. I asked one question, made one quippy comment, and had my picture taken with her. I’m fairly certain she now wants to be my best friend.

But seriously folks, she wasn’t serious at all—she was hilarious. I found I preferred going to author chats over regular workshops because they were more inspiring. For instance, Meg wrote The Princess Diaries as an adult book, with “smut” in it—her words. Then her agent suggested de-smutting them and positioning it to a YA audience. She did, and still…nothing. It got rejected everywhere. THEN her agent sent it to Whitney Houston (Meg said this was before Whitney’s recent decent into drugdom) and BAM! Disney bought it and made the now-famous film. Oddly enough, the book did not come out before the movie. Now Meg writes mostly YA and middle-school stuff, but just came out with Insatiable, an adult paranormal story.

Meg gives me hope!

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